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Stalemate at the Colorado Statehouse

“I have little hope that anything of substance or anything that has controversy will land on the governor’s desk,”  states CACI’s Loren Furman in the March 13th edition of the Denver Business Journal.

Furman Drives Stake into Heart of Pay Equity Commission

Loren Furman, CACI senior vice president of state and federal relations, noted that the commission’s work — which included one annual report that was not given to her organization — came after a lengthy report the state had issued in 2007 on the same pay-gap issue. “We’ve now spent eight years — Eight years! — […]

State Versus Local Control-The Battle is Beginning Over Minimum Wage Issues

Peter Marcus with The Durango Herald reports a state lawmaker from Adams County is working on a measure that would allow local governments to enact their own higher minimum-wage standards…. Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations for the Colorado Association Of Commerce and Industry, said she is concerned that a patchwork of local wage mandates […]

CACI Is Knocking on Doors

Ed Sealover with The Denver Business Journal writes about mobilization efforts in the state legislative races. Read the article.