US Chamber of Commerce

us-chamber-logoThe Colorado Chamber is the official state affiliate and a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, as are many of our members and local chambers throughout the state. We work closely with the US Chamber on federal issues that are important to Colorado’s business community.

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National Association of Manufacturing

nam-logoThe Colorado Chamber is the state affiliate for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and many members are also members of NAM based on common goals. We are a strong advocate for growing and maintaining the manufacturing industry in Colorado – a vital sector of the state’s economy – and, thus, created the Colorado Manufacturing Initiative (CMI) in 2011. CMI works to foster communication and collaboration between manufacturers and the broader business community and promotes actions and policies which create a friendly manufacturing environment in Colorado. To accomplish these objectives, CMI works closely with NAM on programs, policies and ideas to advance this industry in our state.

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Association for Colorado Chambers of Commerce

The Association for Colorado Chambers of Commerce (ACCC) elevates Colorado chambers of commerce throughout the state and their leaders by providing education, advocacy resources, peer networking and professional development opportunities.

To learn more about the ACCC’s mission, membership and upcoming events please visit the ACCC website:

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