Small Business Corner

Colorado small businesses are the heart of our local communities and critical to our state economy. They account for more than 99% of all businesses in Colorado and created a net of more than 25,000 new jobs last year. They’ve exported more than $2 billion in goods outside of the state and made up 87% of all exporters.

From your local bakery to family-owned automotive companies to the accounting firm that helps you with your taxes, these are not just businesses. They are integral to the fabric of our cities and towns. They are innovators and job creators who employ more than a million Coloradans across the state. They provide the products and services that many of us rely on every day. Choosing to support a small business is an investment in your community and in Colorado as a whole.

In honor of National Small Business Week, the Colorado Chamber will be celebrating small businesses and all of the contributions they make to our state. We’ll be featuring some of our valued small business members, highlighting issues impacting Colorado small businesses, and providing resources for small businesses and the public.

Explore all things Small Business Week below!

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Defining a Small Business

Small businesses are a dominant force in the U.S. economy, accounting for 99.7% of all American firms, with a staggering 28 million in operation. However,

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Resources for Small Businesses