The Leadership Colorado Ensemble Ventured Behind the Curtain at Denver Center for the Performing Arts

This week, members of Leadership Colorado got backstage access at Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Janice Sinden (CEO) gave an overview of DCPA’s six programming lines, its top goals in their new strategic plan, and the $205M impact of the DCPA into our local economy.

Angela Lakin (VP, Marketing) gave insight into the financial aspects of running the various lines of business. Chris Coleman (Artistic Director, Theater Company) shared how and why they chose what shows to present to Denver. Allison Watrous (Executive Director, Education and Community Engagement) highlighted the work they do in establishing the next generation’s interest in the dramatic arts, and the ways they are striving to bring theatrical experiences to underserved communities in Denver and around the state. Deborah Jordy (Executive Director, SCFD) spoke about the special tax district that enables over 300 non-profit arts organizations in the seven-country metro area to access funding to ensure their growth and success, which is unique to Denver and the envy of arts organizations worldwide. Rick Mireles (Community Engagement Manager) led a special backstage tour to a tech rehearsal of Emma, props, wardrobe, scenic design, the woodshop, and shared secrets of the theater, all while meeting and speaking with professionals in each of those specialties.

The program finished in dramatic flair with a workshop on Play and Communication, led by Allison Watrous, which gave everyone a chance to get to know each other better through physical exercises that encouraged us to be fully present and open our minds to receive information and support our teams. Leadership Colorado participants came together to experience the transformative power of storytelling and creativity!

Participants highlighted:

“Seeing the collaboration that takes place within DCPA – they really have efficient teamwork down to a science!”

“Learning how DCPA helps our community and how different and unique it is compared to other parts of the country.”

“Learning about the different programs that are available to our community and how to access them. Also, the leadership/communication session was a great tool to bring back to my team!”

“It was a fabulous program. I learned a lot–even about things I thought I already knew about such as the SCFD!”