Education to Employment Alliance


The Education to Employment Alliance is a partnership with business groups representing more than 2,000 employers across the state. The alliance seeks to improve the talent development pipeline and engage with state leaders to bring about needed reforms.

In addition to the Colorado Chamber, members of the alliance include Colorado Inclusive Economy, Colorado Succeeds, the Colorado Technology Association, and Colorado Thrives. Together, this coalition will identify and define workforce gaps going unaddressed across Colorado, offer solutions to address these gaps effectively, and monitor progress towards the implementation of these solutions.

A report released by the alliance highlights the critical workforce challenges faced by Colorado employers, from skills gaps and mismatches to the role of higher education in preparing students.

Key Recommendations of the Alliance 

  • Measure outcomes and direct funding to education and training programs that help graduates achieve sustainable careers.
  • Create regional talent development goals and action plans overseen by a workforce intermediary.
  • Realign the pathways offered in schools with the needs of employers.
  • Streamline and incentivize employer participation in career-connected learning opportunities.
  • Ensure education providers are focusing on the skills that students and employers need.

The Education to Employment Alliance is a critical initiative of Vision 2033, the Colorado Chamber’s blueprint to improve the state’s business climate. Learn more about it here.

Members of the Employment to Education Alliance include: