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ASCP Announces 2022 Board of Directors

The Association of State Chamber Professionals (ASCP) is proud to announce its 2022 Board of Directors: President – Stephanie Snyder, The State Chamber of Oklahoma President-Elect – Kelly Wolf, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Immediate Past President – Brock Hesler, Indiana Chamber of Commerce Secretary/Agenda Chair – Kelly Boutwell, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry […]


Business leaders ask Colorado Legislature for restraint By Ed Sealover for the Denver Business Journal Businesses that have suffered whiplash over the past 22 months are bracing for legislators to return to the state Capitol on Jan. 12 for their annual 120-day session. Recent government policies have lurched from Covid-19-prompted shutdown to aid infusion to […]

Fox21News: Colorado Chamber supports local businesses impacted by Marshall, Middle Fork Fire

In responding to the Marshall and Middle Fork fires that devastated Boulder County, the Colorado Chamber is working to offer resources to businesses impacted by the fires. Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman said, “The Colorado Chamber stands united with our members and all local businesses and residents impacted by this tragedy. As our […]

DBJ: The debate over Colorado’s paid family and medical leave will return in 2022

By Ed Sealover for The Denver Business Journal Voters ended a six-year-long legislative debate on paid family and medical leave in 2020 when they approved the creation of a program under which all private employers must offer as much as 12 weeks of partially paid leave to their employees beginning in 2024. Now, after two […]

DBJ: Colorado legislators want to incentivize employers to reduce worker car trips

By Ed Sealover for The Denver Business Journal Key Colorado legislative leaders on Thursday said they will seek to reward employers to incentivize workers who take public transit or carpool to work. Sen. Faith Winter and Rep. Matt Gray, the Democrats behind the $5.3 billion transportation-funding bill that included new environmental regulations on roadbuilding in the 2021 session, are coming […]

DBJ: Colorado raising minimum wage for employers again in 2022 — if that matters

Colorado’s minimum wage is expected to rise to $12.56 per hour in 2022 — a boost that major business groups say doesn’t answer the question of where employers will find talent during a labor shortage. The coming hike is a result of Colorado law that requires annual inflationary adjustments of the wage, which currently is $12.32 […]

Colorado Bill Sponsors Strike Several Tax-break Rollbacks, Pass Wide-reaching Reform Bill

That’s not to say business leaders didn’t fight the bill. Loren Furman, senior vice president of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said a provision changing the definition of what constitutes taxable property in regard to software — a clause that would clarify that streaming services like Spotify or Netflix can be taxed even as Netflix is […]

OP-ED: Lawmakers’ double standard on workplace harassment

As the General Assembly approaches its final weeks, major legislation impacting businesses is getting closer to crossing the finish line. One of those bills is Senate Bill 176, which would implement sweeping changes to Colorado’s workplace harassment laws. The bill is well-intended — no individual should ever face uncomfortable or unsafe situations in the workplace due […]

DBJ: Capitol Business Preview: Workers’ compensation changes on fast track

By Ed Sealover for the Denver Business Journal Sponsors of a bill to allow significant expansion of doctor choice for patients going through the workers’ compensation system originally painted it as one they held little expectations for passing this year, saying instead that it was needed to start a long-term conversation. Not only did Senate Bill […]