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Ark Valley Voice: Buena Vista Area Students Compete in National Civics Bee Competition

Middle school students from Buena Vista-area schools competed in the second annual 2024 National Civics Bee® regional competition on Sunday, April 14. The event was hosted by the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, the Daniels Fund, and the Civic Trust of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Two students from Darren Patterson Christian Academy and one student from Buena Vista Middle School will be going on to the state competition later this year.

“Active citizens serve as the bedrock of a healthy democracy, and it is vital that we impart these principles to the next generation,” said Daniels Fund President and CEO Hanna Skandera. “The Daniels Fund was thrilled to partner with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to launch the National Civics Bee as a fun way for young people to become informed and engaged in our republic.”

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