Policy Councils


Imagine a place in which all the best business policy minds, those operating businesses, and government officials come together, working constructively to forward job creation and the Colorado economy.  That’s a The Colorado Chamber Policy Council.  It’s exciting and interesting, and yes, council members really do impact the outcomes – their work helps Colorado’s economic future.

Policy Councils are at the core of The Colorado Chamber’s work, offering a unique opportunity for The Colorado Chamber members to add their expertise and judgment to our policy-making and influence legislation and regulations that impact business. Council meetings provide an open and frank dialogue between our members, key legislators and state agency leaders.

How to Join a Council

All The Colorado Chamber members can join one or more councils by letting a The Colorado Chamber staff member know of your interest.  As a council member, you’ll receive up to the minute notices of current issues of interest to that council and invitations to council meetings, meet with relevant government officials, be invited to help craft legislation, weigh-in on proposed legislation, offer insight to the The Colorado Chamber advocacy team on areas in which you have expertise, and perhaps testify for or against legislation. Contact Lauren Schwartz at LSchwartz@COchamber.com for more information.

Visit our Resource Center for updates on recent legislation and regulations.

Tax Council

Phil Horwitz
Phil Horwitz
Moss Adams, Director
Meghan Dollar

The Tax Council represents the State and Local tax interests of The Colorado Chamber’s multi-industry membership and the Colorado business community.  This council provides expertise on legislative and regulatory proposals that would increase the burden of business taxes, fees and regulations on companies.  The council works closely with the Colorado Department of Revenue, the Legislature and the Governor’s Administration to equalize or reduce the state tax burden on businesses and to maintain a competitive business climate in Colorado.

Energy & Environment Council

John Jacus
John Jacus
Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, Partner
Meghan Dollar

The Colorado Chamber’s Energy & Environment Council provides expertise in the areas of air, water, industrial waste and energy. The Council meets monthly during the legislative session and the subcommittees meet on an as-needed basis. In order to ensure that legislation and regulation do not unfairly increase the costs of doing business or make it burdensome for regulated businesses to function, the Council works closely with:

  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • The Colorado General Assembly
  • The Executive Branch

Environmental and energy issues are impacted by:

  • Climate change/attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water quality and sufficiency
  • Discharge issues around industrial waste


Carly WestCarly West
Black Hills Energy
Manager - Community & Government Affairs
Air Quality
Shannon PollmillerShannon Pollmiller
Black Hills
Senior Environmental Professional
Industrial Waste
Lynn KornfeldLynn Kornfeld
Holland & Hart
Gabe RaczGabe Racz
Vranesh and Raisch, LLP

Governmental Affairs Council

Private: Roberta Robinette
Private: Roberta Robinette
AT&T, President-Colorado
Meghan Dollar

The Governmental Affairs Council is comprised of members of the business lobbying corps at the State Capitol who are, or who represent, The Colorado Chamber members, including corporate lobbyists, trade association lobbyists and contract lobbyists.

The Colorado Chamber lobbying team presents The Colorado Chamber’s Legislative Agenda and lobbying strategy and enlists the help of Council members, who also discuss the issues they are lobbying on behalf of their respective The Colorado Chamber-member clients.

Please note: Because of the strategic nature of the Governmental Affairs Council, membership is open only to lobbyists who are The Colorado Chamber members or who lobby on behalf of one or more The Colorado Chamber members. Unlike other The Colorado Chamber councils, the Governmental Affairs Council implements a broader business agenda based on parameters and policies set by the The Colorado Chamber Board of Directors.

Health Care Council

Beverly Razon
Beverly Razon
COPIC, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs
Meghan Dollar

The Health Care Council provides The Colorado Chamber members with expertise in all areas of healthcare concerns related to businesses. The council is focused on state-level health care legislation that affects Colorado employers. Specifically, the council focuses on legislation that impacts the cost of purchasing health benefits. The council promotes efforts to increase:

  • Competition within the marketplace;
  • Value for quality benefits;
  • Accountability for regulatory guidance;
  • Access to quality health plans; and
  • Healthy lifestyle choices.

The Health Care Council hosts a different legislator each month of the session who discusses proposed health care bills and the impact to businesses in Colorado. Members of this council include experts from the health insurance and health provider industries.

Labor & Employment Council

Stacey Campbell
Stacey Campbell
Campbell Litigation, P.C., Shareholder
Meghan Dollar

This council oversees labor and employment related legislation and policy issues that impact The Colorado Chamber’s members and the business community. Specifically, this council will address issues including:

  1. attempts to repeal or erode the Colorado Labor Peace Act;
  2. employer restrictions or mandates that increase costs for businesses;
  3. attempts to increase workers’ compensation costs or unemployment insurance costs;
  4. implementing legislation on organized labor initiatives; and
  5. Administrative actions by the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment. The expertise of this council will help ensure the protection of businesses that are highly impacted by labor and employment issues.