Colorado Business Political Program



The Colorado Business Political Program provides an opportunity for businesses to work together to protect and enhance the Colorado business climate by promoting candidates who understand free enterprise and the needs of the statewide business community! The Colorado Chamber’s candidate-interview and endorsement process involves a powerful network of more than 60 of Colorado’s politically active companies, trade associations and local chambers of commerce that back candidates who support business.

The success of this program is based on many effective strategies, including:

  • Strong understanding of Colorado’s political landscape;
  • Valuable knowledge of Colorado’s campaign finance laws;
  • Extensive research & vetting of candidates running for office;
  • Extensive research of district demographics and history;
  • The best pro-business interviews of each candidate;
  • Counseling of businesses on political interests and questions;
  • Strategic endorsements and contributions; and
  • Active grassroots efforts.

Ways to Get Involved!

  1. Contribute to the Colorado Chamber Political Action Committee (CCPAC) – limited contribution per 2-year election cycle = $725.
  2. Contribute to the Colorado Chamber 527 Political Organization (527 Fund) – recommended contribution per election cycle = $1,000 or more (no limit per state law).
  3. Participate in the candidate interview process.

Candidate Interview Process

By being a member of the Chamber’s Political Program, members can also participate in a unique opportunity of interviewing legislative candidates. Participation includes:

  • Opportunity to interview candidates and assess each candidate on policy positions & background;
  • Receipt of customized booklet of comprehensive research on each candidate’s background, positions on policy issues; fundraising status; and district demographic information;
  • Receive frequent updates on candidates through their campaign marketing platform such as social media, direct messaging etc. Learn more from the political campaign text message FAQ.
  • Opportunity to educate candidates on industry related issues;
  • Participation in final endorsement decisions;
  • Opportunity to network and join coalition of business leaders.

Join the Fight and Become a Member of The Colorado Business Political Program!