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More blows to business will backfire on us all

The General Assembly returned to the State Capitol last week facing a very different set of circumstances from where it started in January. We’ve been thrust into a public health and economic crisis with no clear end, and it has disrupted our way of life as we know it in a matter of weeks. Such […]

DBJ: ‘It’s one thing after another’: Colorado business groups decry early bills in restarted legislative session

Colorado legislative leaders have said the newest bills they introduce are meant to aid residents and businesses in recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But two days into the reconvened session, business leaders say they have seen nothing that would help them. … “Not only are we seeing increases in unemployment insurance that employers […]

What’s next? Lawmakers, industry leaders and officials give their best guess

“Many businesses in Colorado have reached the point of having to make difficult decisions in order to continue operating,” Chuck Berry, the president of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said. “Some companies have had to lay off employees or cut hours and pay, restructure their finances, or reduce unnecessary spending significantly to preserve cash. Many […]

Historic demands on Colorado unemployment trust fund pose risk of payroll tax hike

Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said it’s too early to determine exactly what that conversation between businesses and the labor department would look like. Right now, there’s too much uncertainty over whether the state actually will have a shortfall and how much that could […]

Business groups pump the brakes on Colorado paid-leave bill after federal action

“I don’t believe that trying to rush through a program in the final weeks of the session when employers are already experiencing job loss … is meeting the best need for families right now,” Furman said. “We’re already talking about a process where benefits aren’t going to be paid out to employees for years, which […]

Colorado’s next attempt at a paid-leave bill offers a major compromise to the business community

Colorado Democratic legislative leaders are poised to introduce a bill establishing a paid-family-and-medical-leave system in this state for the sixth time in the past seven years — but will offer a major compromise to the business community this year and propose that the new mandate be done through a private-insurance-market system rather than a state-run […]

New Overtime Rule Finalized with Some Changes for Business Community

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) adopted a new overtime and minimum pay rule this week after 10 months of receiving feedback from stakeholders, including the Colorado Chamber and other business groups. The Colorado Chamber raised significant concerns regarding the new burden it would pose on employers, however, the final version is a […]

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce said five legislative sessions and an interim task force attempting to take on the issue show that it’s a complicated one. It’s important to balance the interests of businesses and employees, Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations, said in the statement. “These ballot initiatives, however, reflect […]

Colorado activists submit paid-family-leave initiative for November ballot

Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview that outside pressure could change the dynamics of what are likely to be delicate and issue-driven negotiations. And that would not help reach a proposal that could benefit both employer and employee without imposing costs that […]

COLORADO POLITICS: Task force delivers report to the Colorado Legislature on paid family leave

The day before the commencement of the General Assembly, a special task force delivered a report on how the state could offer more workers paid family and medical leave if lawmakers create an insurance program administered by the state. The Legislature opted for the report last year, when a bill to create the program stalled out against opposition from […]