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Colorado Bill Sponsors Strike Several Tax-break Rollbacks, Pass Wide-reaching Reform Bill

That’s not to say business leaders didn’t fight the bill. Loren Furman, senior vice president of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said a provision changing the definition of what constitutes taxable property in regard to software — a clause that would clarify that streaming services like Spotify or Netflix can be taxed even as Netflix is […]

OP-ED: Lawmakers’ double standard on workplace harassment

As the General Assembly approaches its final weeks, major legislation impacting businesses is getting closer to crossing the finish line. One of those bills is Senate Bill 176, which would implement sweeping changes to Colorado’s workplace harassment laws. The bill is well-intended — no individual should ever face uncomfortable or unsafe situations in the workplace due […]

DBJ: Capitol Business Preview: Workers’ compensation changes on fast track

By Ed Sealover for the Denver Business Journal Sponsors of a bill to allow significant expansion of doctor choice for patients going through the workers’ compensation system originally painted it as one they held little expectations for passing this year, saying instead that it was needed to start a long-term conversation. Not only did Senate Bill […]

News Roundup: $1.8 Billion in New Taxes & Regulations Per Year for Colorado Businesses

The Denver Post: Colorado business community asks legislature for a timeout on new regulations and higher taxes A coalition of business groups pleaded with Colorado lawmakers Tuesday to avoid passing any legislation, however well-intentioned, that would make it more complicated or costly to do business in the state. “We need our state leaders to simply […]

OP-ED: Don’t Block Business’ Recovery

Op-ed by Loren Furman and Rachel Beck for Colorado Politics When it comes to an economic recovery from the pandemic, recent data has shed light on where Colorado stands compared to other states — and it doesn’t look good. While neighboring states have regained nearly all of the jobs lost last year, Colorado’s unemployment rate is […]

In the News: Five Organizations Working to Strengthen Local Economies

Prevailing ideology holds that companies and entrepreneurs drive a region’s economic development by creating new jobs and boosting tourism. In some circumstances, these entities can contribute to a community’s growth. In no particular order, here are a few organizations committed to supporting local businesses and boosting their success. … Next up at #2 is the […]

DBJ: Why Colorado business leaders have mixed reactions to special legislative session

By Ed Sealover for the Denver Business Journal Following a three-day special session in which Colorado legislators passed 10 bills, including eight with stimulus money for various sectors, business leaders said they are grateful for any aid but see it only offering marginal help to small firms reeling from coronavirus restrictions. Four of the 10 […]