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Endorsements from Prominent Business Group Favor Senate Republicans

“There were more candidates this year that were from the far right and the far left, for sure — certainly to the left,” Furman said. “What we tried to do was find candidates who are moderate on policy issues and pro-business in their voting … We tried to identify those folks who could side with […]

Boulder Climate-Change Lawsuit More Political than Legal, Say The Colorado Chamber panelists

The climate-change lawsuit launched in state court against ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy by the city of Boulder, along with San Miguel and Boulder counties, is the wrong complaint in the wrong forum, panelists said Thursday at a Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry (The Colorado Chamber) event.  Read the complete article by Mark Jaffe at

A Strong Legislative Session Makes for a Bright Future for Businesses in Colorado

This year, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce and the statewide business community worked diligently to support bills that would offer greater transportation funding, minimize employer mandates, and increase natural gas and oil production, while fighting against bills that threatened opportunity in our state.  Read the complete Guest Column by Tracee Bentley and Loren Furman in […]

Disingenuous Lawsuit Over Climate Change is a Drain on Colorado’s Economy

While new to many, Colorado celebrates a long history of collaboration to tackle the big challenges our state has faced. Colorado thrives because people from across our state work together, and our energy and natural resource development is a chief example. Here, some of the strictest government oversights of oil and gas production and energy […]

2018 Colorado Legislature: Progress for Business in a House Divided

“All of the employer-mandate bills that were adverse to the growth and operational interests of Colorado businesses were soundly defeated,” said Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce.  Read the complete article in Colorado Politics by Dan Njegomir

Once Again, Colorado Pay-Equity Measures Fail to Advance

“Employers are starting to move in this direction,” testified Loren Furman, senior VP of State & Federal Relations for The Colorado Chamber, to the House Finance Committee. “Even if this piece of legislation does not make it through the process, this will become the norm. But I think this is a pretty punitive approach.”  Read […]

Democrats Propose Scrapping Bonding for Transportation Improvements

Twenty-Four business groups — ranging from the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry to the Colorado Bankers Association — emphasized that SB 1 had passed unanimously out of the Senate with a 2019 bonding initiative as a key part of the bill.  Read the complete article by Ed Sealover in the Denver Business Journal.

Colorado Legislative Committee Kills 4th Attempt to Pass Family-Leave Bill

The Colorado Chamber’s Loren Furman stated. “Each employee’s needs are different. The best solution is to continue to allow employers and employees work out leave agreements that work best for both parties.”  Read the complete article by Ed Sealover in the Denver Business Journal.