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On pregnancy and personnel-file measures, Colorado business leaders strike a balance

“I don’t believe that they are burdensome to employers — either one of these,” said Loren Furman, the senior vice president for the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry who has been at the lead in negotiating for changes to the proposals.  Please read the full article by Ed Sealover in the Denver Business Journal.

The Colorado Chamber Shows Its Support for Manufacturing

Approximately 500 business leaders are in Washington DC attending the annual National Association of Manufactures (NAM) conference.  These leaders are meeting with policymakers to voice their support of manufacturing while focusing on three key areas, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a fully functioning Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank Board and comprehensive business tax reform.  To  learn more, please read […]

73,000 Coloradans Could Soon Become Eligible For Overtime Pay

“I think this impacts even our smallest employers the worst, because those are employers that are barely holding on now,” Loren Furman with the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry said.  Please visit the CBS4 website to read the complete article by CBS4’s Shaun Boyd.

Colorado Employers Grappling with Impact of New Federal Rule on Overtime Pay

The Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry (The Colorado Chamber), an affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers, was and remains opposed to the new rule, said Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations.  Read the complete article by Monica Mendoza in the Denver Business Journal.

2015: The Colorado Legislative Session that did Little for Business

“This is probably one of the worst sessions we’ve seen for business in a long time. [The year] 2013 was bad. This is worse,” said Loren Furman, senior vice president for the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, referring to the session when anti-discrimination lawsuit awards increased and the Legislature added regulations on energy companies.  Read the […]

The Colorado Chamber Opposes “Tax Haven” Bill

“We understand the intent to eliminate the shifting of income to tax havens to avoid Colorado taxes,” said Loren Furman, The Colorado Chamber’s senior vice president for state and federal relations. “But, there are many instances where legitimate business is conducted in these countries, and that income may not have been subject to Colorado tax.” […]

Stalemate at the Colorado Statehouse

“I have little hope that anything of substance or anything that has controversy will land on the governor’s desk,”  states The Colorado Chamber’s Loren Furman in the March 13th edition of the Denver Business Journal.