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Gazette: EDITORIAL: Bills would bust Colorado’s oil & gas industry

Ruling Democrats at the Legislature may be soft on criminals, but they have no problem handing out harsh punishment for Colorado’s oil and gas producers.

It doesn’t seem to matter that most Coloradans depend on the industry for heating their homes and refueling their cars and trucks. Or, that oil and gas has managed — despite successive waves of smothering state regulations — to remain one of the state’s largest economic sectors and most prolific job creators.

As detailed by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Sum & Substance news service, the bills broadly purport to reduce emissions from a range of activities — from transportation to warehouses — but their true aim is to lower the boom on oil and gas exploration and production. They also draw a bullseye on the state’s only oil refinery, in Commerce City, which produces much of Colorado’s gasoline and most of its asphalt for paving roads.

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