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‘FAMLI’ legislation: Beware consequences of one-size-fits-all mandate

Op-Ed by Loren Furman for The issue of paid family leave is once again making its way through the Colorado legislature. Senate Bill 188, the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program, known as FAMLI, was introduced March 7. Employers in Colorado have long supported workers who may want to take leave from work for […]

Denver Biz Journal: Here’s what is in the paid-family-leave bill coming this week at the Colorado Legislature

By Ed Sealover  – Reporter, Denver Business Journal Legislative Democrats will introduce a retooled paid-family-leave bill later this week that requires businesses to pay half the cost of a proposed mandatory statewide program and to reinstate anyone taking as many as 16 weeks of leave to the same position when they return to work. Business leaders have engaged […]

House Speaker Becker’s TABOR Surplus Proposal

Discussions around the idea, which Becker first revealed at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce’s Colorado Business Day luncheon in mid-January, are escalating in the absence of other ideas gaining traction on how to raise a substantial amount of money to address the $8.5 billion transportation infrastructure backlog that is estimated by the Colorado Department of Transportation.  Read […]

GOP Paid Family Leave Bill Dies

“Just offering some kind of tax incentive does give some relief to employers,” said Loren Furman, Colorado Chamber senior vice president of state and federal relations. “At the end of the day, they want to work with their workers, they want to keep them on the job.”  Read the full article by Ed Sealover in the […]

The Colorado Sales-Tax Tarpit

Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said she’s heard suggestions from some members of her organization that the state should delay enforcement of tax-collection rules on local businesses until the system outlined in SB 6 is in place. But that could be seen as discriminatory […]

Colorado House Speaker Unveils Plan to Keep Excess Tax Revenues for Transportation, Education

Colorado legislative Democrats are hoping to offer voters a chance as soon as November to de-Bruce the Colorado state budget, at least temporarily, and to put the money the state retains to areas of need such as transportation, K-12 schools and higher education. House Speaker K.C. Becker, D-Boulder, confirmed the effort Thursday at the Colorado Chamber […]

As Polis Takes Office, Major Changes to Health-Care Companies Are Looming

“Everybody’s going to have to take their pound of flesh — hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies,” predicted Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. “They’re looking to cut costs … and I think Jared Polis is going to take a very strong role.”  Read the full article by Ed Sealover […]

First-day Colorado Legislative Bills Deal with Ban-the-Box, Paid Family Leave, Health Care

Business groups such as the National Federation of Independent Business and the Colorado Chamber of Commerce both have said that the bill represents an infringement on employers to hire who they want and that, unlike issues such as state-run retirement savings, there is little middle ground to negotiate a compromise.  Read the complete article by […]

New Colorado Business Committee Chairwoman Vows to Bring Business, Labor Together

“I’m honestly thrilled she is the chair of the business committee,” said Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations for the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. “She and I have been working together for many years on challenging bills and have come up with constructive processes … And the bills we work on together […]