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Survey: Vast majority of Colorado employers offer telework during pandemic

Nearly nine in 10 employers offer partial or full teleworking during the pandemic, a late-July survey from the Colorado Chamber of Commerce has found. Three-fifths of companies that responded said remote working has not affected their productivity. The remainder were evenly split between businesses experiencing an increase in productivity and a decrease. Read the complete article by […]

Workers Have Been Able To Return To Offices With Some Restrictions Since May, But Most Colorado Companies Are Keeping People Home

A vast majority of businesses — 87 percent — are offering full or partial remote working options, according to a survey conducted by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce this week. The survey represents roughly 50 companies of varying sizes and industries. More than 60 percent of respondents said remote working had no impact on productivity. Still, 18 […]

Bill to end tax breaks whittled down after massive outreach campaign from Colorado business owners

After a session in which businesses have been on the defensive on issues ranging from presumption that coronavirus-addled employees had caught the disease at work to creation of a new earned-paid-sick-leave mandate, they felt relieved Saturday that their voices appeared to have been heard, said Loren Furman, senior vice president of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. “I think it […]

More blows to business will backfire on us all

The General Assembly returned to the State Capitol last week facing a very different set of circumstances from where it started in January. We’ve been thrust into a public health and economic crisis with no clear end, and it has disrupted our way of life as we know it in a matter of weeks. Such […]

DBJ: ‘It’s one thing after another’: Colorado business groups decry early bills in restarted legislative session

Colorado legislative leaders have said the newest bills they introduce are meant to aid residents and businesses in recovering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But two days into the reconvened session, business leaders say they have seen nothing that would help them. … “Not only are we seeing increases in unemployment insurance that employers […]

What’s next? Lawmakers, industry leaders and officials give their best guess

“Many businesses in Colorado have reached the point of having to make difficult decisions in order to continue operating,” Chuck Berry, the president of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said. “Some companies have had to lay off employees or cut hours and pay, restructure their finances, or reduce unnecessary spending significantly to preserve cash. Many […]

Historic demands on Colorado unemployment trust fund pose risk of payroll tax hike

Loren Furman, senior vice president of state and federal relations at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, said it’s too early to determine exactly what that conversation between businesses and the labor department would look like. Right now, there’s too much uncertainty over whether the state actually will have a shortfall and how much that could […]

Business groups pump the brakes on Colorado paid-leave bill after federal action

“I don’t believe that trying to rush through a program in the final weeks of the session when employers are already experiencing job loss … is meeting the best need for families right now,” Furman said. “We’re already talking about a process where benefits aren’t going to be paid out to employees for years, which […]