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The Colorado Sun: Mileage goals, pollution fines, drilling pauses: Colorado Democrats unveil ambitious package to cut ozone

Democrats and environmental justice advocates Thursday unveiled an ambitious package of ozone-fighting bills that would “pause” oil and gas drilling in summer months, set caps on miles driven in gasoline-powered cars and increase pollution fines for “repeat offenders” like the Suncor refinery.

A bill with some similar ozone-fighting provisions was gutted in the 2023 legislative session, but advocates say an interim legislative committee since then has landed broader buy-in at the Capitol for tough ozone measures. Consent from Gov. Jared Polis’ administration is also key to any air quality bills advancing.

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce also weighed in against the ozone-related bills and the oil and gas drilling ban. Chamber CEO Loren Furman said they were part of “an alarming influx” of proposals targeting business, and called them “job killers.”

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