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Aspen Times: ACRA encourages civic engagement among local business leaders

Business leaders in the Roaring Fork Valley gathered on Wednesday morning in a forum hosted by the Aspen Chamber Resort Association (ACRA) where they learned how to better civically engage their businesses and their employees.

ACRA leaders hosted the forum to discuss the importance of civic engagement from a business perspective to foster successful businesses in the community whose goals are being supported by their elected officials. Several speakers and local leaders spoke about their experience with civic engagement and how to encourage others to participate, as well.

Andrea Palm-Porter, executive director of Roaring Fork Leadership, and Lauren Schwartz, executive director of the Colorado Chamber Alliance, both spoke at the forum, addressing how they have guided businesses to become more engaged in their communities.

Some of the major issues businesses in Colorado are facing are housing and cost of living challenges, and it’s much more acute in the Roaring Fork Valley, Schwartz said. As business leaders, advocating for housing solutions at a political level can help ease those pressures.

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