Five Ways You Can Support Colorado Small Businesses

Small business week is a great opportunity to support the small businesses in your community. Here are some tips for ways you can support small businesses this week and all year long!

Support Pro-Business Candidates for Office

Local, state, and federal policies have a significant impact on businesses. There are many ways to make an impact and support policies that will foster a healthy business climate for your communities.

Research who is running for office in your districts and support candidates that are friendly to businesses. The Colorado Chamber announces candidate endorsements every election year for state level candidates and will release a bipartisan list of pro-business candidates in the summer of 2024. That list will be posted here. You can also contribute or participate to the Chamber’s political program – more details on that can be found here.

Engage with Lawmakers on Business Legislation

On the state level in Colorado, lawmakers convene for legislative session every year from January to May. During this time, you can stay informed on the important bills that could impact the business community and engage with your senators and representatives.

The Chamber tracks legislation that impact businesses every session. Our policy positions can be viewed here and prior results can be viewed here. Reaching out directly to the legislators that represent your district is one of the most impactful ways you can engage in the policymaking process.

For policies on the local and federal levels, you can get involved with the local chamber in your community as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Use Your Social Media Influence

Support your favorite local businesses by interacting with them on social media. Follow, like, and share their content. Recommend them to friends and family and leave positive reviews. Your online engagement boosts their visibility and customer base.

Buy Local

When purchasing goods and services, make an effort to support Colorado businesses – from groceries and beverages to household essentials. Choosing local products strengthens the regional economy and supports community businesses.

Use Local Chambers as a Resource

Local chambers of commerce are a great resource for finding and supporting local small businesses that are engaged in our communities. Find your regional chamber of commerce and explore their membership directories to find small businesses near you. Click here for a list of the Colorado Chamber’s local chamber partners.