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CPR: ‘We would lay our arms down:’ Is this the end of the property tax wars, or just another battle?

It’s a very special time of year.

Spring buds are blooming. The fields have greened. And the state legislature is going to have another very complicated, very costly argument about property taxes.

Yes, once again, state lawmakers are debating a big plan to reduce property tax rates. Once again, they’ll be racing to do it in the final days of the legislative session. And once again, it’s all part of an intricate negotiation between some of the state’s most powerful players.

On Friday, an alternate idea emerged and gained strong support on the tax commission: In addition to temporarily cutting property tax rates, some commissioners support a permanent TABOR-style cap on property tax growth.

Commissioner Loren Furman of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce suggested a limit on the property tax revenue that could be collected by many local districts.

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