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Colorado Jobs Report Indicates Stability in Vacancies, Salaries for Third Quarter

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Aspen Technology Labs (ATL), today released its quarterly jobs report. The report provides real-time insights on job vacancies and workforce trends to better understand Colorado’s economic landscape.

Overall, the third quarter data remained relatively steady after a significant decline in the previous quarter, indicating relative stability in the Colorado jobs market. Job vacancies increased slightly by 1.1% and the median wage for open positions decreased slightly (-1.3%). Overall, Colorado ranked 11th in the nation for the highest median full-time salary, compared to 13th in the previous quarter. It also ranked 11th for the highest number of vacancies per capita, dropping from ninth in the second quarter.

“Colorado employers and job seekers have faced years of volatility in the jobs market,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman. “A major pressure point for the business community has been ensuring we have the available workers to fill jobs across the state. While we have a long way to go in addressing the major issues driving our workforce challenges, more certainty and stability in the jobs market would be welcome news for Colorado employers.”

“In the Q3 report, you’ll find Colorado job vacancies increased slightly while nationally they decreased marginally,” said Michael Woodrow, ATL’s president. “Colorado has the 11th highest median full-time salary compared to all other states and D.C. These and other job market insights in the report can be used by Colorado employers to make informed, data-driven decisions that will help keep their businesses competitive and the state business climate where it belongs ­–­ ahead of others in the nation. We hope you enjoy the report and if you have feedback, we would love to hear from you.”

Jobs data at the local level also reflects stability, with most regions across Colorado reporting little change. The most significant decrease in job vacancies in the third quarter came from the Fort Collins area, which reported a 4% decline. This compares to a staggering 14% decline in Fort Collins job vacancies from the previous report. The most significant increase in job vacancies came from Montrose at 4%. Pueblo, Grand Junction and Durango all saw similar 3% increases.

The Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas continue to offer the highest full-time salaries statewide, with median salaries of $62,410, $60,694, and $59,998 respectively.

The report also includes internship and apprenticeship listings statewide. Overall, there were approximately 1,809 internships and 1,423 apprenticeship openings in Colorado for the third quarter. Denver by far offered the highest amount in both categories, with 525 available internships and 285 apprenticeships in the city.

To view the full third quarter jobs report, please click here.



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