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Colorado Job Vacancies Dropped in the 2nd Quarter of 2023

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DENVER — The Colorado Chamber of Commerce and Aspen Technology Labs (ATL), a global leader in recruitment technology, today released a jobs report highlighting the latest insights into Colorado’s workforce trends in the 2nd quarter of 2023. The report is meant to provide valuable workforce data to the public to better understand Colorado’s economic standing.

According to the report, the number of job vacancies in Colorado saw a significant decline, with an 8% drop observed between the beginning and end of the period. The state maintained its ranking of 9th in the nation for average number of vacancies per capita, suggesting that job vacancies are dropping nationwide. The median annual salary for Colorado full-time job postings was $58,490, a 2.5% decrease from the previous quarter.

“The Colorado Chamber’s priority is to ensure our state remains competitive and businesses can thrive for years to come. These key workforce trends are a good indicator that more employment opportunities are available across the state and jobs are being fulfilled which is critical for our job creators and the State’s economic health,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman.

The most significant job changes occurred in Fort Collins which saw a 14% decrease and Boulder with a 12% decrease in job vacancies this quarter. Pueblo and Greeley followed, with a decrease in vacancies of 11% and 9% respectively. The largest increase in job postings was seen in Durango, which experienced a 3% increase in vacancies since April 1, 2023. Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs had the highest median salaries, at $65,988, $60,320 and $60,164 respectively.

“We are excited to release our 2023 Q2 quarterly report in partnership with the Colorado Chamber, bringing you valuable insights specifically tailored to Colorado’s job market. Aspen Technology Labs is committed to delivering actionable intelligence to support the growth and success of Colorado businesses,” said Michael Woodrow, president of Aspen Technology Labs. “New in this Q2 report, you will find details about remote and hybrid jobs offered by Colorado employers as well as information on businesses leveraging internships and apprenticeships to strengthen Colorado’s workforce.”

During the second quarter of the year, Colorado had a total of 1,113 internships and 1,303 apprenticeships available. It is worth noting that the majority of these vacancies occurred in Denver with a total of 275 internships and 307 apprenticeships available. Additionally, internships in the healthcare industry and apprenticeships in the production sector were most common.

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