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Colorado Chamber Announces Primary Election Endorsements

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today announced endorsements of state legislative candidates for the Republican and Democratic primary elections to be held on June 25, 2024.  

“Engagement in primary elections is a critical tool to influencing policy and improving our overall business climate,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman. “This process allows us to help elect a balance of leaders from both sides of the aisle who are supportive of the Chamber’s vision and ensure we have an open dialogue with future lawmakers. When the Chamber chooses to get involved in a race, we are sending a message that the candidates we endorse are strong partners to the statewide business community. These endorsements are vital to our goal of elevating Colorado’s competitiveness and supporting job creators across the state.”

The chosen candidates were selected for endorsement through extensive interviews and vetting by members of the Colorado Chamber’s Political Action Committee who represent businesses of all sizes across the state. The endorsements include both open seats and incumbents in competitive primary election races. They represent diverse interests statewide and in every corner of Colorado.

 The Colorado Chamber’s endorsements for the 2024 primary elections are as follows:

Lisa Frizell, Senate District 2 Republican Primary

Larry Liston, Senate District 10 Republican Primary

Stan Vanderwerf, Senate District 12 Republican Primary

Judy Amabile, Senate District 18 Democratic Primary

Lindsey Daugherty, Senate District 19 Democratic Primary

Barbara Kirkmeyer, Senate District 23 Republican Primary

Idris Keith, Senate District 28 Democratic Primary

Cecelia Espenoza, House District 4 Democratic Primary

Sean Camacho, House District 6 Democratic Primary

Jarvis Caldwell, House District 20 Republican Primary

Mary Bradfield, House District 21 Republican Primary

Rebekah Stewart, House District 30 Democratic Primary

Michael Carter, House District 36 Democratic Primary

Lora Thomas, House District 43 Republican Primary

Max Brooks, House District 45 Republican Primary

Ethnie Treick, House District 52 Democratic Primary

Mark Roeber, House District 58 Republican Primary

Lori Sander, House District 65 Republican Primary

The Colorado Chamber conducted its candidate interviews from May 21-22. More than 30 candidates were pressed on policy questions ranging from energy, housing, regulations, workforce issues and more. They were also assessed on their campaign strategies and willingness to reach across the aisle, seek compromise, and work with the business community on legislation.

After the primary election, the Colorado Chamber’s political program will continue its work to elect pro-business candidates by making endorsements in the General Election.


The Colorado Chamber of Commerce champions free enterprise, a healthy business environment and economic prosperity for all Coloradans. It is the only business association that works to improve the business climate for all sizes of business from a statewide, multi-industry perspective. What the Colorado Chamber accomplishes is good for all businesses, and that’s good for the state’s economy. It was created in 1965 based on the merger with the Colorado Manufacturers’ Association.