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Colorado Sun: What’s Working: New Colorado laws that address the financial burden of growing older

When the Colorado legislative session began in January, Peter Kaldes counted up nearly 50 bills related to aging.

As CEO of Next50, a Denver nonprofit on a mission to make Colorado a better place for residents as they grow older, Kaldes said he was being generous when he came up with 50. Most weren’t related to people over 65 directly. When he narrowed it down again to bills that dealt with economic issues related to getting older, there were 18.

7 out of 8 bills dubbed “job killers” are defeated. The Colorado Chamber of Commerce fought eight bills this session that would create an “overly complex regulatory environment” and kill jobs, the Chamber said. The one that got away from the Chamber? House Bill 1008, which requires general contractors to cover wage theft committed by a subcontractor. Wage theft, which happens when an employer doesn’t pay the full amount owed, is most common in professions like construction, agricultural work and day laborers.

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