ACTION ALERT: This Bill Would Close Businesses, Kill Jobs

With only a couple of weeks left of the legislative session, job-killing bills are moving fast. The Colorado Chamber has seen several victories, defeating two of the bills on our job killers list this session so far. Advocates for business have sent over 2,600 messages to lawmakers against bills on our Job Killers List and we need to continue this momentum.

One proposal that would have a severe impact on the Colorado business community was scheduled for a last minute hearing on Tuesday, April 23. We need your help to reach out to members on the committee.

SB 166 would create complex and severe enforcement regulations on a broad range of businesses, from manufacturers to hospitals to hotels. This will force businesses to reduce operations, lay off workers, or shut down altogether.

Please use our grassroots action tool below to contact members of the Senate Finance Committee and tell them to vote NO on SB 166: