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Colorado Chamber Celebrates One Year Anniversary of The Sum & Substance

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today celebrates the one-year anniversary of The Sum & Substance (TSS), a chamber-owned online publication that covers Colorado’s legislative and political news related to the business community. The Sum & Substance gives readers an insider’s perspective on the political landscape and policies influencing Colorado’s economic climate.

The digital publication is led by award-winning former reporter Ed Sealover, who joined the Chamber’s staff last year as editor and vice president of strategic initiatives. Sealover has a background of 28 years in journalism and reporting on the Colorado Legislature and the business community. Before joining the Colorado Chamber, he served as a senior reporter with The Denver Business Journal, where he worked for 14 years.

“My goal in launching The Sum & Substance has been to shine a brighter light on the business impacts of the dealings of the Colorado Legislature and state boards. And I feel one year into the venture that we’ve been able to do that — and do it in an even-handed way where people can hear both sides of the story and discern what they feel is the proper path forward,” Sealover said. “Looking ahead, I hope to continue to extend The Sum & Substance’s reach so that more readers wanting to learn about business policy issues can have a reliable site to which they know they can go for such stories.”

In the year since its launch, The Sum & Substance has been a leader in breaking news on pivotal proposals within the Colorado Legislature that hold the potential to greatly affect businesses. Notably, TSS set itself apart as the exclusive news source reporting on a trend of bills targeting funds from the Employment Support Fund last year. Additionally, TSS recently led the way as the first news outlet to cover a trio of bills that carry substantial implications for Colorado’s economy. These bills are a major priority for the Colorado Chamber as they collectively would threaten hundreds of thousands of jobs across the state.

What people are saying about The Sum & Substance:

“The Sum & Substance is a critical resource. Ed’s dedication to solid journalism in today’s soundbite world delivers an inside view and in-depth understanding of what’s coming in Colorado’s legislative, political, and regulatory landscape – for health care industries and beyond. It is a reliable source for any Coloradan who wants to better understand government’s impact on our economy.” – Beverly Razon, COPIC

“One of the standout features of The Sum & Substance is its ability to distill complex regulatory information into digestible and actionable insights. The platform goes beyond merely listing regulations; it provides a contextual understanding of their implications on our economy. This has been instrumental in helping our organization make informed decisions and adapt to the changing regulatory environment.” – Candace Carnahan, Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce

“For years, Colorado’s business community has relied on Ed Sealover for his prodigious and prolific reporting, usually in real time. The Sum & Substance builds upon Ed’s years of dynamic journalism but allows him to dig into even greater detail on the public policies which shape Coloradans’ lives and livelihoods. A jack-of-nearly-all-trades, Ed is indispensable in articulating the tenor and tone of his subjects and providing his readers digestible and relatable stories about issues across the public policy spectrum. The Sum & Substance is a must-read for anyone who seeks to understand what is happening under the Golden Dome.” – Kait Schwartz, API Colorado 

“The Sum & Substance offers helpful insights into issues affecting businesses, and I appreciate how it digs into the factors driving changes in Colorado. Thanks to The Sum & Substance, I have a better understanding of not only what’s currently happening in Colorado, but also what’s on the horizon. The Sum & Substance reports the most relevant news in a thoughtful and timely manner, which makes it easier for me to stay on top of what I need to know.” – Ben Metzger, Canvas Credit Union

“The Sum & Substance is a must-read for those interested in Colorado policy and in knowing how the business community and private sector can positively engage with the public sector. Colorado is, in many ways, at a time when we must be both pro-active and aggressive in building a business-friendly environment. We need to do this not only retain and grow our current businesses but to attract new businesses and maintain and protect our legendary quality of life. The Sum & Substance offers insight into policy decisions at the capital and offers a deeper understanding of the issues. I highly recommend subscribing; it is a must-read.” – Chris Romer, Vail Valley Partnership

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