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Colorado Chamber Unveils Vision 2033: Blueprint for Colorado’s Future

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today announced the launch of Vision 2033, a new 10-year action plan to foster economic growth and position Colorado as a top state for business. The plan, which has been in development for nearly two years, lays out key areas of focus and specific recommendations to create opportunity for Coloradans and secure the state’s economic future.

As part of Vision 2033, the Chamber also launched Colorado Scorecard, a new dashboard to track more than 60 data points related to Colorado’s competitiveness, economy and key industries. The scorecard compiles annual rankings, statistics and surveys to assess where Colorado stands and monitor progress over time.

“Business leaders are tired of short-sighted policies that don’t address the real challenges facing our state,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman. “They want future-focused solutions and leadership to position Colorado for sustained growth. Vision 2033 fills that void, establishing where we are, where we want to be, and how we’ll get there. We look forward to working together with business and industry, state leaders, and all Coloradans to implement this important strategic plan of action.”

The development of Vision 2033 has been a major initiative of the Colorado Chamber since Furman was selected as president and CEO in January of 2022. The Chamber partnered with Economic Leadership LLC, an economic development and strategic planning consultancy specializing in competitive analysis and analytics. The Chamber started with a competitive landscape assessment last year and also conducted a series of polls and surveys on business leaders to outline major challenges, sentiments and concerns. In addition, the Chamber held regional meetings with local businesses across the state earlier this year.

“Colorado is at an important crossroads,” said Ted Abernathy, managing partner of Economic Leadership LLC. “Our analysis shows the state economy is strong, but there are serious warning signs threatening future growth. If business leaders and lawmakers take the right actions now, Colorado will be well positioned to adapt, becoming a top state for business as the global and national economy continues to evolve.”

Vision 2033 identifies Colorado’s strengths, gaps and opportunities to establish a foundation for improving the state’s competitiveness. The Chamber outlined four key focus areas to drive future growth: workforce development, housing and cost of living, business climate, and environmental sustainability. Each focus area contains specific goals, actions, and metrics for success.

The Chamber will present the key findings and priorities of Vision 2033 at the Colorado Chamber’s annual meeting tomorrow, October 19. To view the document in full, please click here.



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