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Colorado Chamber Releases 2023 Annual Report Highlighting the Impact of the Legislative Session on Business

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DENVER — The Colorado Chamber today released its 2023 Annual Report, providing an overview of the biggest victories and policy issues facing the business community. The report also charts the progress and status of key issues addressed in the Colorado Chamber’s 2023 Legislative Agenda.

At a time when Colorado’s economic competitiveness is slipping on the national landscape, the Colorado Chamber’s work has been more important than ever as the Chamber advocates for a healthy business climate, which starts with good policy at the state level. This legislative session the Chamber secured many victories for its members – from restrictive workforce bills to housing bills and more.

“As the statewide voice of business, we’re focused on a strategic vision to elevate Colorado’s competitiveness. We are seeing a direct correlation of the deterioration of Colorado’s economic competitiveness based on laws and regulations that continue to be adopted by state leaders and the competitiveness data and surveys we’ve conducted,” said Colorado Chamber President and CEO Loren Furman. “The outcome of this legislative session required a great deal of work and collaboration to ensure that Colorado’s business climate did not further deteriorate.”

Some of the Chamber’s victories took the form of striking down bad bills, including a costly restrictive scheduling proposal known as the Fair Workweek bill. The Chamber led a coalition of over 65 industry groups against HB 1118 as the bill would have led to fewer available jobs for workers, lower pay, and less flexibility – all while driving businesses out of the state.

The Colorado Chamber was also involved in negotiations on labor and employment legislation including amending the attempted overhaul of Colorado’s workplace harassment laws and defeating an alarming bill regarding unemployment insurance for dependents.

Throughout the legislative session, Colorado Chamber members made over 4,500 contacts with legislators using the Chamber’s grassroots tools this session alone. The Chamber’s legislative work was also mentioned over 45 times in the media through newspapers and TV. One of the biggest testaments to the Chamber’s tireless efforts is the $400+ million saved by the Chamber for the business community on various bills.

The Colorado Chamber is proud to be a pro-business voice in Colorado and at the state capital. We remain committed to strongly advocating for Colorado’s businesses again in the 2024 legislative session and for years to come.

Read the Colorado Chamber’s 2023 Annual Report here.


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