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Yahoo: There’s a New Contender for the Title of Most Dangerous Lawn Game

The manufacturers of Beer Darts call it “an unforgettable experience” and, after testing the product, I am forced to agree.

Of course, they had me sold from the name “Beer Darts” and a PR email promising “a fun and exciting drinking game.” To be honest, the only words adjacent to beer that would have gotten me to respond quicker were “throwing stars.”

In 2022, the Colorado Chamber of Commerce named the game—along with a water purification system, prosthetic fingers, and hemp insulation–one of the 10 “Coolest Things Made in Colorado.” Beer Darts is a sturdy product that fits nicely together with magnets and includes a bottle opener, I assume for your friends who have no interest in throwing darts at cans. There’s also a clip where you can put the lid of a pizza box or other cardboard as shoe and shin protection. In addition to the red and blue Beer Darts models, there are glow-in-the-dark and ham and cheese versions. And it’s not just the Chamber of Commerce who appreciates Beer Darts, as the company has 45,000 Instagram followers.

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