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Colorado Chamber Launches Coloradle, a Colorado-themed Word Game

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DENVER – The Colorado Chamber of Commerce today launched Coloradle, a new Colorado-themed word game highlighting the state’s unique culture. The word puzzle can be played on a web browser and is free to play.

“Coloradans are proud to live and work in a state with such a robust sense of community, love of the outdoors, and vibrant way of life,” said Chamber Vice President of Communications Cynthia Meyer, who oversaw development of the game. “Coloradle is a celebration of everything we love about the Centennial State – and an engaging way to show off your knowledge of all things Colorado!”

The game features a daily puzzle where players must guess a four-to-eight letter word in six attempts. Each word will have a Colorado theme, including but not limited to popular activities, landmarks and locations, public figures, colloquialisms, and well-known businesses or brands. Every player gets the same puzzle and the game resets at midnight (MDT) each day. Players can share their results on social media without revealing the answer.

Coloradle can be played at


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