Small businesses can make a difference and influence policy!

It is critical for small businesses to be heard when legislation and policy is being made, especially in the wake of a global pandemic where many businesses are just getting back on their feet. Legislation can have a huge impact on the way businesses are run, limit how and where businesses can operate, and inhibit businesses from success.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy here in Colorado, and their voices are important to shape legislation and policy within the state! Here are some ways small businesses can get involved to make an impact on policy:

Join the Colorado Chamber

Joining your state Chamber of Commerce, like the Colorado Chamber, helps amplify the voice of the business community at the state level! Being a part of the Colorado Chamber gives you the benefit of getting inside access to legislative strategy and being a part of our grassroots network for legislator outreach – giving Colorado business leaders the power to influence government decisions!

Chamber Coalitions

Chamber Coalitions are one of the most effective tools to get results for business. These strategy groups that go in depth into specific issues, proposals, bills, or programs that have a direct impact on employers. Members who join a coalition are immersed in the latest updates and have the opportunity to participate in strategy sessions, get involved through testimony or public comments, collaborate on messaging, and more. This allows members to get the latest updates on the issues and provide their voice to get results for the business community.

Political Programs

Elections matter! Get involved in our political programs to promote candidates who understand free enterprise and the needs of the business community. Members also get the unique opportunity to interview legislative candidates to assess their policy position and background, helping decide which candidates get the coveted Chamber endorsement.

Chamber Policy Councils

Join a policy council, where the best business policy experts, business operators, and government officials come together to forward Colorado’s economy and influence legislation in a pro-business way. Policy Councils are at the core of the Colorado Chamber’s work, offering a unique opportunity for members to add their expertise and judgment to our policymaking and influence legislation and regulations that impact business. Council meetings provide an open and frank dialogue between our members, key legislators and state agency leaders.

Get Involved in Your Local Chamber

Local chambers are the economic drivers of their respective communities and have a unique perspective about the issues directly impacting local businesses in their areas. Together, they amplify the voice of the business community at the capitol and are an important part of unifying businesses across the state.

EXECs Advocacy Program

Take part in the EXECs Advocacy Program, a nine-month program that offers exclusive insight into the workings of prominent Colorado companies through business tours and policy-based forums. Each year, rising leaders who are passionate about shaping and enhancing Colorado’s business climate participate in this immersive program. Through EXECs, participants learn about policy issues impacting the business community and how policy can impact our economy.