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COVID-19 Unemployment Fraud is on the Rise: Here is What Colorado Employers Should Know

COVID-19 Unemployment Fraud is on the Rise: Here’s What Colorado Employers Should Know

Joe Barela, Executive Director of CDLE, speaking to the Colorado Chamber Labor & Employment Council via Zoom

State unemployment offices across the country have experienced increased levels of fraud in the age of coronavirus, many of which involve identity theft schemes from scammers overseas.

Officials from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) joined the Colorado Chamber this week for a virtual policy council meeting to discuss what can be done if you suspect that you or your company is a victim of unemployment insurance fraud.

Some indications of potential fraud include:

  • Receiving a 1099-G tax form for 2020 even though you did not file for unemployment benefits.
  • Receiving a Reliacard Debit Card from the Colorado Department of Labor without filing for unemployment benefits.
  • Receiving unemployment benefit paperwork to your mailing address that is not addressed to you.

If you or your company suspects unemployment insurance fraud, you can submit a fraud report with CDLE or review Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

For information specific to Tax Form 1099-G, click here.

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