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Colorado Chamber Welcomes New Board Member Mark Stewart

Colorado Chamber Welcomes New Board Member Mark Stewart

The Colorado Chamber this week welcomed Mark Stewart, the Vice President for Lockheed Martin Space Operations, as its newest board member. In his role at Lockheed Martin, Mark is responsible for Supply Chain; Production Operations; Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO); Quality Assurance; Program Management; Facilities, Safety & Logistics; Mission Success; and Security & Emergency Services.

Previously, Mark served as the Vice President of Program Management within Lockheed Martin Space. In this capacity, he was responsible for establishing robust programs, improving program execution, and developing next generation of program managers.

With leadership experience spanning 36 years, Mark has held a series of increasingly responsible program, technical, and managerial positions including Vice President Navigation Systems, Vice President of Manufacturing, Vice President of Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations (ATLO), and Vice President of Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems Engineering and Operations.  As the Vice President of Navigations Systems, he was responsible for the execution of Global Positioning System (GPS) III development and production programs, GPS constellation operations and sustainment, and capture of future Navigation Systems business opportunities.  In this role, he successfully led the GPS Program team to deliver the first state-of-art GPS III space vehicle, demonstrating compatibility with the existing satellite constellation and future Next Generation Operational Control Segment (OCX).  Across his Lockheed Martin Space leadership tenure, Mark has led component, subsystem, and system integration, test, and launch operations for over 100 space vehicles.

Mark currently serves as member of the Astrotech Space Operations Board of Directors.

Join us in welcoming Mark to the Colorado Chamber Board of Directors!

Colorado Chamber Heroes

When the coronavirus hit Colorado, Herron Enterprises stepped in to help our communities and our state. Herron Enterprises, a Colorado Chamber member since 2005, is a family-owned and operated businesses specializing in hazardous materials and safety inspection, design and project management services in lead abatement, mold mitigation, air monitoring and asbestos removal.

After COVID-19 reached Colorado, and hot spots started to flare across our state, the situation was getting to be dire in some areas of the state. In fact, one hospital was just three days shy of running out of PPE. That’s when the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) reached out to Lennie and Christy Herron for help and advice.

Upon receiving the call, the Herrons didn’t hesitate to spring into action, lend their expertise and then donate their equipment to hospitals, universities, homeless shelters, testing sites and county health departments across our state and beyond—from Vail Health to Jefferson County to a hospital in Wisconsin. Some of the thousands of items donated by the Herrons included:

  • N95 respirators
  • N100 respirators
  • Paper disposable suits
  • Tyvek disposable suits
  • Disposable gloves
  • Disposable booties
  • Toilet paper

The Herrons also answered an early call to disinfect facilities for businesses with essential workers. When asked if the potential for exposure to Covid in those early days scared them, Lennie Herron responded:

“Christy and I have done these things because for now we can, and it’s the right thing to do. Are we scared like everyone else? Of course. We’re all dealing with something that none of us have ever dealt with…We’ll continue to do what we can, where we can. It’s what we do.”

This is one of many examples of how businesses across Colorado leveraged their resources to work through solutions, solve problems and save the day.

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