COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Actions Recommended by Herron Enterprises

Herron and our partnerships have established methods for meeting the guidelines and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

In most cases for prevention, janitorial services would step up what they would normally do, and make sure that they use anti-viral cleaning solutions. Checking with the federal government at the Denver Federal Center, that’s exactly what they’re currently doing.

As a preventive measure, most are using a ULV (ultra-low volume) Foggers. These ULV’s are approximately 50 micron atomizers.

The following are both preventive and decontamination response actions:

1. ULV Fogging only – Should there not be any evidence of the infection, we utilize this method as prevention

2. Surface Contact Areas – Disinfecting

3. Both

4. Use of EPA approved mix of virucides, depending on what is currently available. As most of the commercially available virucides are backordered for a couple of months, once ours runs out could be using a 10% bleach solution. All products would be used, and mixed per EPA, CDC, and CDPHE guidelines.

5. With the use of some of these methods, we would anticipate installing HEPA/Charcoal filtered negative air machines to scrub the air.

6. The decontamination is completed with an Industrial Hygienist final visual inspection of the work area.

7. As of the week of April 06, 2020, there are now test methods and protocols for surface contaminations. However, the testing is not fast (few days), nor is it inexpensive.

Few things to consider;

1. To kill an active virus, CDC recommends the application of a mix of virucides be applied to the surface, and remain wet for approximately 10 minutes. With the use of the ULV Fogger, this is easily accomplished.

2. Although we have not had an issue with any computer equipment, we have noted the slight crimpling of paper that may have been on someone’s desk the following day.

3. There are no guarantees to the decontamination. Even with the newest of surface testing, should someone return to the decontaminated location and be a carrier or infected with COVID-19, transmission can again occur.

Currently, Federal, State, County, City, and Municipal Orders may be in place for ‘safer at home.’ However, at this time we are of the understanding that our services are exempted, considered critical and essential, and are able to proceed with environmental and construction projects.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, for any assistance.

And friends, stay safe!

Please feel free to contact the undersigned should you have any questions.

Thanks in advance, L.P. (Lennie) Herron, Industrial Hygienist President & CEO HERRON™ Enterprises USA, Inc.
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