Julie Coakley is a dedicated professional who currently serves as the Engagement Coordinator at the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, a role she has held since 2019. In this capacity, Julie plays a pivotal role in the success of the Chamber by assisting the membership team vice presidents in establishing and nurturing partnerships with key business leaders in Colorado. Her focus extends to actively engaging Colorado businesses in advocating for the state’s economic prosperity.

Before joining the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, Julie gathered valuable experience in various professional capacities. She served as an executive assistant to the vice president at the prestigious Colorado School of Mines, showcasing her organizational prowess and attention to detail. Julie also excelled as a software project manager, bringing her analytical and problem-solving skills to the forefront. Additionally, she held the position of director at one of the largest test prep centers in the U.S., demonstrating her leadership and strategic planning capabilities.

Beyond her professional achievements, Julie is a loving mother to two college-aged sons and a proud pet parent to a dog and two cats. Outside the office, she finds joy in exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado through camping and hiking, embracing the beauty that her home state has to offer.