Workers Comp Program



The Colorado Chamber’s safety group program brings together groups of businesses with common risks that are committed to maintaining and enhancing industry-leading safety and claims management practices. If you qualify for the program, you receive access to resources and assistance for establishing safe working conditions. If you become injured at work and you feel it could be avoided by your employer, consult with the michigan injury lawyer to get proper legal representation.

Members’ premium is based on their organization’s individual loss history. No member will pay more for participating in a safety group program than they would as a non-participant, and you earn additional savings on your workers’ compensation insurance with an up-front discount.

There is also the potential to receive a safety group program dividend. A dividend is a portion of premium returned to a policyholder based on the safety record of the safety group program’s members.


Must have been in business for at least three years
Maintain a minimum loss ratio by the safety group program
Comply with the safety group program’s training requirements
Maintain effective hiring, safety and claims management programs
Demonstrate management commitment to maintaining and enhancing a safe workplace
Implement a return-to-work program

The legislation that is being advocated for next session contains the following three proposals listed by the workers comp attorney Oakland:

Allowing for an increase in the choice of a physician within the current Level II accreditation system if the injured worker notifies their employer within 72 hours after workplace accidents and injuries;
Changing the current safety penalty provision in law by increasing workers compensation benefits by 50% if an injury is believed to have been caused by an employer who willfully placed a worker in an unsafe environment. They can also get legal help from Workers Compensation Lawyers Brisbane to ensure that they are properly compensated for their injuries.
Including requirements addressing employment separation agreements and tracking of those agreements by the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment. If people are in need of workers compensation, then The House of Workers Compensation may be the right avenue for them to go down.