Implementation Steps Begin on State-run Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program

The Colorado Department of Labor & Employment has begun the process of implementing the State-run Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program which was created through a ballot initiative and approved by voters during the November 2020 General Election. Members of the Colorado General Assembly had attempted to pass legislation creating the program during the prior 6 legislative sessions, but the legislation was defeated.  The Department has hired a new Division Director, Tracy Marshall, who will oversee the Program and initial stages of implementation include the following:

  • Technology build-out;
  • Rulemaking;
  • Staffing;
  • Communications.

The Department is actively recruiting FTE’s to staff the program and has launched a public facing website: to navigate details regarding the program.  Staff is also working on proposed rules and is finalizing the premium rules. The rulemaking hearing on the premium rules will be held on November 3rd.  The next set of rules they will tackle will be the local government rules/opt-in language and the rules on private plans including employer exemptions.

Lawsuit Pending…There has also been a lawsuit filed against CDLE regarding the constitutionality of the program and a copy of the Complaint is attached below.  Complaint against CDLE on FAMLI program.pdf

Please feel free to contact Loren Furman at [email protected] with any questions regarding this process.