Tax Council

Please join us for a virtual Tax Council meeting.

The Colorado Chamber staff has invited the State Auditor’s Office (SAO) staff to join the Tax Council to share an overview of their recent Tax Expenditure Review Report. The SAO conducted a review of 72 current tax expenditures between September 2019 and September and a copy of the report is here

Please note, a short list of the tax expenditures can be found on pgs. 22-26.

Colorado Chamber staff has asked the SAO to provide details and answer questions on their evaluation of specific tax expenditures including:

·     Enterprise Zone tax incentives;

·     Regional Home Office Insurance Premium Tax Deduction;

·     Oil & Gas Severance Tax Ad Valorem Tax Credit;

·     Coal and utility related tax exemptions.

If you are interested in having the SAO staff answer questions on additional tax expenditures during the Council meeting, please notify Loren Furman at [email protected] prior to October 12th.  Legislators will likely introduce legislation during the 2021 Legislative Session to repeal or modify some of these tax expenditures reviewed by the SAO.

Please RSVP with Laura Moss at [email protected]

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