“Social Selling” Chair’s Roundtable featuring International Expert Viveka Von Rosen

Fees/Admission: No charge for members of the Chair's Roundtable

What you need to know to evaluate how your company is using social media to support sales.

LinkedIn Expert & Author | International Keynote Speaker | Forbes | Top 20 Most Influential | Digital Sales & Personal Branding Expert | Vengreso CVO & Co-Founder | #SocialSales

This Chair’s Roundtable program is targeted to leaders of companies.  It won’t be HOW to do the tasks around social selling.  It’s about showing you specific examples of what the companies best at using social media to support sales are doing, so that you can be informed when you explore with your team how these tools and methods might be your most cost-effective means to grow your business.

The Chair’s Roundtable is for senior leaders of eligible member companies who care about how policy affects their business and who want to engage with topic experts and other business leaders in substantive dialogue about these policies.  As you can see from this program, every once in a while we diverge from policy to bring other timely topics to the group.

Members of the Chair’s Roundtable received invitations to this event.  If you are not yet a member and would like to know more, please contact Dave Tabor (below).


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