Legislative Candidate Interviews (If Needed)

Location: Colorado Chamber Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1000

By being a member of the Chamber’s Political Program, members can also participate in a unique opportunity of interviewing legislative candidates. Participation includes:

  • Opportunity to interview candidates and assess each candidate on policy positions & background;
  • Receipt of customized booklet (one booklet per contibution) of comprehensive research on each candidate’s background, positions on policy issues; fundraising status; and district demographic information;
  • Opportunity to educate candidates on industry related issues;
  • Participation in final endorsement decisions;
  • Opportunity to network and join coalition of business leaders.
Contribute $625 to the Colorado Chamber Political Action Committee (CCPAC) to participate in the candidate
interview and endorsement process


Join the Fight and Become a Member of the Colorado Chamber Political Program!

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