Health Care Council

Location: CACI Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1000

Guest Speaker:

Senator Jim Smallwood (R – Douglas County) and Chair of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee


Discussion of Introduced and Anticipated 2017 Legislation to include:

Introduced legislation:

  • SB 003 by Sen. Smallwood & Rep. Neville – Repeal of Colorado Health Benefit Exchange

Anticipated Legislation:

  • Geographic Rating Legislation
  • CO Medical Society legislation to include:  Network Adequacy; Provider Directories; Telehealth Medicine
  • Changes in Benefits for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services
  • Drug Pricing Transparency
  • Any Willing Provider

Discussion of other legislation not listed above.

Discussion on Affordable Care Act and Potential Cost Drivers:

CACI’s national partners are seeking your feedback on potential cost drivers created through the ACA.  Please be prepared to share examples of areas in which your business needs more flexibility or has experienced increased health care costs based on the ACA.  Examples:  the medical device tax, compliance standards, upcoming HIT or Cadillac taxes.

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