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Opioids + Overseas Ordering = Newest Threat to CO Workforce

Did you know? … 

  • 80%+ of counterfeit drugs come from overseas 
  • And Colorado is a hot spot for receiving counterfeit drugs?


Topic focus: 

How the opioid crisis has made fentanyl contamination & (illegal) online prescription drug-buying a problem for Colorado’s workforce


Shabbir Imber Safdar – Executive Director, Partnership for Safe Medicines

Shabbir Imber Safdar has served as the Executive Director of the Partnership for Safe Medicines since 2017. Before that he was the Director of Outreach and has served as a consultant to PSM for nearly a decade. Shabbir is passionate about patient safety and the dangers of counterfeits, having seen firsthand the dangers of counterfeits in countries around the world where a closed, secure drug supply chain doesn’t exist.

Today Shabbir leads the Partnership for Safe Medicines team from San Francisco, CA, where he lives with his wife and two children. He plays string bass in a bluegrass band for fun.

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