Federal Affairs Council – “Transportation & Infrastructure – What Is The Path Ahead?”

Location: CACI Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Ste. 1000, Denver, CO 80202

A look at priorities for Colorado:

Our speakers will talk about: 

–       Upcoming priority projects
–       How to get businesses more involved in state planning opportunities
–       Resources available for bidding federal & state contracts
–       Opportunities for P3s
–       Plus, how Colorado’s ozone compliance may affect transportation in the future

We will also take a look at:
—  Progress on the FAA re-authorization & Senate energy bill
—  Congress’ priorities for the rest of 2016


A SPECIAL thanks to Climax-Molybdenum for sponsoring Tuesday’s council!
Interested in sponsoring future councils?
Contact Laura Moss at (303) 866- 9652.  Have questions about sponsorship? No problem!  We are happy to work with our CACI partners –

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