Federal Affairs Council

Location: Federal Reserve

Join us at the Federal Reserve Denver
for insights into our communities, economy & federal policy!

Special Guest Speaker:
Ariel Cisneros, Sr. Community Development Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank

* How do community development trends interact with, inform and reflect business trends? Where do we see Colorado’s growth going over the next 2, 10 & 20 years from a community development perspective? What can the business community learn from that perspective?

* Federal policy updates on: healthcare, tax reform, budget, Clean Power Plan repeal, Congressional buzz, legislative calendar for the rest of 2017 & more!

* Special tour available of the Money Museum for those who want a glimpse into maintaining our nation’s currency

Please RSVP by calling Leah Curtsinger at (303) 866-9641

**Please note** You will need to present a photo ID to enter the Federal Reserve, as well as clear a security screening.

Thank you to our sponsor!

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