Energy & Environment Council

Location: CACI Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1000

Guest Speaker:
Rep. Diane Mitsch-Bush (D), Chair of the House Transportation and Energy Committee
Discussion of 2017 Legisation:
  • Update on Water Quality Permit Fee Issue
  • SB 14 – Prohibition Against Imposition of Inspection Requirements on Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Bill # tbd by Rep Salazar – Oil & Gas Liability/Earthquakes (similar to 2016 bill)
  • Bill # tbd by Rep Foote – Giving local jurisdictions more control over oil & gas operations;
  • Bill # tbd by Sen. Jones- Referred measure to increase renewable energy standards
  • Bill # tbd by JBC – Energy Office Reauthorization
  • Bill # tbd by Rep Hansen – Renewable Energy Storage Standards
  • Bill # tbd by Rep Rankin – Revisions to Severance Tax
Update on Regulations and Other Issues:
  • Update on Air Quality Regulation and Governor’s Decision
  • Update on air quality regulations (RACT) and Control Technical Guidelines (CTG)
  • Update on PUC appointments

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