Energy & Environment Council Meeting

Location: CACI Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1000, Denver


12:00-12:05pm – Opening Remarks / Introductions

12:05-12:20pm – Remarks by guest speaker, Alan Salazar, Chief Strategy Officer for Governor John Hickenlooper

  • Alan Salazar has been leading the Hickenlooper Administration’s engagement with the Oil & Gas Task Force and his remarks and the following discussion will focus on the status of the Task Force efforts to put forward recommendations to the Governor before the Feb. 27 deadline.

12:20-12:30pm – Q&A/Discussion with Guest Speaker, Alan Salazar

12:30-12:40pm – Brief update regarding timelines for pending federal environmental rulemakings

12:40-1:15pm – Discussion regarding pending and upcoming legislation and regulatory issues

  • SB-046 – Grantham – Re: Renewable Energy Standard Adjustment, REAs Distributed Generation
  • SB-092 – Cooke – Multi-agency review prior to adoption of state plan for emissions reductions
  • SB-093 – Sonnenberg – Compensation for Mineral Interest Holders when Extraction Limited by Local Government Regulations
  • SB-120 – Jones – Electric Grid Modernization Plans
  • HB-1119 – Buck – Local Governments Liable for Mineral Royalties Impacted by Fracking Ban
  • HB-1121 –  Becker, J. – Re: Wind Energy Development Agreement Recording & Expiration
  • Water Quality Fee Structure 

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