CACI to Host SBA Experts

Location: CACI Conference Room

Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1000


The SBA Advocacy Office & CACI present the following experts:

Assistant Chief Counsel Janis Reyes and Regulatory Analyst Jonathan Porat cover federal labor and immigration issues for small businesses. They will talk about the new federal overtime rules and how current visa and immigration issues affect small business hiring.

Assistant Chief Counsel Dillon Taylor and Regulatory Economist Lindsay Sherber cover tax, securities and pension issues. They’ll speak about new SEC crowdfunding rules and other proposed tax and securities rules.

Why attend?

It’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about proposed and recently-enacted federal regulations — directly from SBA’s subject matter experts.

• Help shape the business conversation
• Ask questions about rule implementation, deadlines & requirements
• Give real-world feedback from your sector experience
• Provide examples of your own successes & failures due to federal regulations facing businesses

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