CACI Day at the Sanctuary


The Sanctuary Golf Course
7549 Daniels Park Road
Sedalia, Colorado 80135

9:00 AM shotgun – breakfast and range open at 7:30 AM!

sanctuary logo

CACI members want to build a great Colorado, with a robust economy driven by successful companies.

You know others who believe in this vision, and who would value joining you as a CACI member.

When you refer a new CACI Partner who joins, you and they can play a round of golf at The Sanctuary on August 12th. Opportunities also are available for those who upgrade their membership. Please click on the video below for more information, then contact Dave Tabor and John Cullen of CACI for details on how to qualify for this unique and very limited opportunity.

Thanks to our host, CACI Board member Randy Schrader of Applied Control.

We hope to see you at The Sanctuary!

7:30 AM arrival encouraged! Breakfast provided, Range OPEN starting at 7:30.

Lunch provided following golf


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