Travis Stewart

I graduated from Colorado State University in 2012 with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology; I have always found human behavior to be very fascinating; I greatly enjoyed learning about the different social, cognitive and physiological mechanisms that have an impact on both individuals and groups of people. I am often asked why I do not use my degree (in terms of my career) in which case I always respond, “I use it everyday.”

I started working at McLane Company, Inc. in January of 2014 in the customer service department, I quickly because interested in the different components that go into distribution and logistics, later in 2014 when the opportunity to advance my career and move to Salt Lake City UT to work as a dispatcher I did not hesitate. It was only about a year and half later when I was offered a chance to return to Colorado to begin learning and working on the other components that I initially became interested in when I first started my journey at McLane.