Tiamo Wright

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Tiamo Wright is the Chief of Staff for Cake Insure, a digital disruptor of business insurance and subsidiary of Pinnacol Assurance both based in Colorado. She leverages her unique experience with high growth startups—ranging from financial services to co-working and real estate to insurance—to guide and curate the quickly evolving innovation culture at Cake. Through her specialization in business operations, Tiamo uses her passion to connect people, things, data and processes to transform a company during high growth.

Tiamo Wright grew up on the east coast. Born in Connecticut and having lived in New York, Florida, Maine, and New Hampshire all before she was 18 she likes to think that she has experiences many diverse communities. She made her way to Colorado to attend the University of Denver as a transfer student in 2006. After college and several moves for work across the country and around the world, she decided that she needed to move back and call Colorado her forever home. She enjoys all that Colorado has to offer between the amazing craft beer scene, beautiful mountains to snowboard and all the dog friendly places to bring her dog Otto.

Initially starting her career in the legal field, Tiamo was attracted to the simplicity of things that were right or wrong. Early in her career she learned that the law was anything but simple and there were often shades of gray. This started a flame inside her of curiosity on why things were the way there were and why couldn’t we make them better, faster and more efficient all at the same time. Soon she made the pivot to startups almost by accident and found where her skillset and curiosity would create a dynamic propeller for startups on the high growth trajectory.

When she is not working, or enjoying the  beautiful Colorado outdoors she loves to give back. She volunteers as a mentor to a spunky 11 year old and sits on the associate board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado.