Nathan Fisk

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I was born and raised in Pine Junction Colorado and I graduated from Beth Eden Baptist High School. After high school, I attended the Colorado School of Mines where I studied Chemical Engineering with a minor in Business and Economics. In 2014, I began working at Natural Soda LLC as a Process Engineer. My responsibilities in this position included modifying the production process to increase plant throughput and overseeing the environmental monitoring and reporting process. Beginning in the fall of 2017, I transitioned into a Technical Sales Engineer position.

While working at Natural Soda, I have developed new piping modifications to feed cooled fluid to an optimal location in the crystallizer. By implementing this piping design, the production of the plant and the time between required maintenance shut downs were both increased. Natural Soda has provided me with valuable experience specifically regarding the real-world application of my technical schooling.

Growing up in the mountains outside of Denver, I spent my summer months hiking and camping with my family. I am the second child in the family of four. We would typically go on two or three multi-day camping trips throughout the summer as well as multiple day hikes. My father was a civil engineer and encouraged all of us kids to pursue math and science. As a result, three of the four are now engineers or studying to become engineers and the fourth is an accountant.

Throughout high school, I continued to hike and camp with my family, but I also began reading avidly. I enjoyed mostly reading science fiction and fantasy, and I also started reading comic books. I played soccer throughout my high school years; playing mostly defensive positions.

After graduating from high school, I began studying to become a Chemical Engineer. During my time at the Colorado School of Mines I began rock climbing. I also started collecting comic books. In college, I continued to remain active and joined an intramural ultimate frisbee team.

Currently I live with my wife in the DTC. In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and collecting comic books. I have picked up a new hobby of brewing beer and making wine.