Maggie Callahan

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I began my journey here in Denver in August of 2014. Moving from New England to Colorado seemed like the obvious next step for my adventurous and outdoor-loving soul. I came to Colorado with every intention to ski 100 days, learn how to mountain bike, and see as many Red Rocks shows as possible. Though, I quickly realized something I always knew about myself but never really embraced – I am an eternal student. In accepting my desire to learn and grow, I joined the Corporate world at Four Winds Interactive where I am still expanding my horizons today.

With my Bachelors in Science for Nutrition Education, I came into the workforce believing that my passion was to educate others on health and wellness. To the contrary, I was recruited by Four Winds Interactive for a Sales role (for which I had no experience). I never thought I would love Sales as much as I do. Over the past three years, I have had the chance to work with Fortune 100-500 companies on their global communication strategies, cultural initiatives, and evaluating ROI for large capital purchases. Every single day is a new opportunity to solve a different problem, talk to a new person, and add to my tool kit.

Outside of my work, I am, as stated above, a huge outdoor and music enthusiast. Most weekends from April – November I can be found at a new camp site with my boyfriend, Nick, and our two dogs, Otis and Roux. I love to mountain bike, trail run, practice yoga, and Crossfit. In my move to Colorado, I have become more of a Country music lover, but always stick
to my routes as a Bluegrass junkie!

I am also a huge believer in giving back to my community. Although finding time is tough, I do spend my weekends assisting in the coordination of a global female-only Crossfit organization, Girls Gone Rx, that raises money for Bright Pink Association for Breast and Ovarian Cancer research. I have also taught Nutrition Education classes to local families through Cooking Matters Colorado.