Jenni Sparks

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As a creative individual who daringly works among more “rational” types, Jenni Sparks gets a kick out of helping engineers to think outside the box and see the world in color. Today, as the Marketing Manager at Applied Control, she focuses her energy strategizing to drive alignment with an all-star sales team, collaborating with networked marketing leaders, and championing company brand messages.

Growing up, Jenni had the opportunity to live in a variety of unique places, like the bustling town of Lima, Ohio (population ?), Anchorage, Alaska (yes, with polar bears as neighbors), Austin, Texas (Keep Austin Weird), and Boulder, Colorado (Keep Boulder Weirder). It’s likely no surprise to hear that to her, living in Denver, Colorado,
feels like a blissful (and sane) paradise.

Jenni graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2010 with a degree in Business. Shortly after she joined Markit On Demand in Boulder as an event coordinator. While at MOD, Jenni helped fundraise over $38,000 coordinating the company’s participation in a “Shave-a-Thon” for the St. Baldrick’s foundation. Additionally, she helped introduce a culture of organic innovation by coordinating “Do What You Want Days”. As a result of these office-wide brainstorming days, the SaaS firm was able to successfully and more rapidly
introduce new products to Financial Industry customers.

Jenni made a strategic career switch in 2012. In the summer she joined Applied Control. When she made the move, there was no way she would know that in her first meeting on her first day, a goofy boy with mop of curly brown hair and a dangerous smile would soften her independent heart. But alas, Joel Sparks smiled at
Jenni. Three years later they got married and adopted a kitten, Chloe.


In her free time Jenni enjoys life outdoors and being active. Summer activities typically include long hikes in Summit County, running laps around Wash Park, trying to golf, yoga classes and drinking good wine. In the winter, Jen spends most of her weekends zipping around Vail Pass on a snowmobile, her husband behind her holding on to a to-rope for dear-life.

She’s an optimist, always ready for a laugh, never short on sarcasm, and loves new challenges. Jenni looks forward to being part of the CACI program, exploring new industries, and supporting commerce in Colorado.